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My Core Values:

I am a Life Trust Coach certified to act in my profession according to the teachings and values of Veit Lindau.

What does that mean exactly?

I will engage with you with compassion, transparency and the heartfelt desire to promote your personal development  and in the ambition to achieve excellence in my work.

My highest values are truth, reliability and joy. I define my value as a person by what I leave in other people's hearts. 

My clients are to receive more for their money than they expect.

Who am I?

My name is Michaela Holter. I was born in Germany as the child of German parents and spent my childhood in Southafrica and Canada. After College I went to Paris and then studied in Germersheim in Germany. As a simultaneous interpreter I have travelled the world both on business trips and in private. I have looked into many companies and have found that there is much room for improvement in our corporate world.

If my work can make the world a tiny bit better by empowering other people to become happier and follow their own path, then my life will be worthwhile.

I am still travelling to meet many people and extend my experiences as far as possible.

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