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EMDR Coaching

A scientifically proven technique to resolve issues with anxieties and limiting beliefs.

Fast, simple, effective!

What Do You REALLY Want?

  • Your future seems dull?
  • You need inspiration, a new vision of your life?
  • Do you wish your life was full of purpose and joy and deeply fulfilling?

YOU deserve that! I would love to support your process!

Hello! Welcome!

I am so happy that you chose to drop in!

My name is Michaela Holter. I am a Life Trust Coach with a particular focus on fulfillment and purpose.

Finding my purpose in life was hard for me after I finished school and the problem kept re-emerging throughout my life because as I changed throughout the years so did my calling - I found out that it doesn't have to be just one single thing. I also found out that it's a problem for many people and that many of us get stuck trying to solve it.  That is why we get stuck in jobs we do not find fulfilling and often we don't know how to change that without running into other problems.

Well, I have found some adventurous roads on which you can travel through your mind that will make your calling  become clearer and clearer.

I'm already there with a winch and a tree. I am there to guide you and give you a hand. You can pull yourself out of the mud and start living the life that you came here for. It's your life - take a front seat!



My job is fine, but I'm stuck with something else...

You are welcome to contact me in any case and we will find out what we can do for you.

What Does a Life Coach do Anyway?

Just like a soccer coach helps the players of a team to achieve their goal, a life coach helps people achieve their goals in life.

And that is always the first step: What is your goal? What do you want? Where would you like to go?

I can help you to find out what YOUR answers are to these seemingly simple questions. I can help you overcome the obstacles and get free and moving. 

The point is to lead a wonderful life that is exactly right for you. Life is a process, no answer is ever final just like no road goes on straight ahead forever. But once you know how to drive and are sitting behind the steering wheel you get to choose which way you want to go. 


Unfold your full potential! Get a life that you chose and be upright, joyful and self determined. 

My credo: Everyone deserves a life of fulfillment!

If you would like personal coaching then contact me and we will begin by having a short conversation (for free) in which we will find out where you stand and what you are aiming for. Together we will decide

  • whether I am the right coach for your goals , 
  • whether you would like a targeted single coaching session, 
  • or several sessions to cover more ground or 
  • whether perhaps an online course would be exactly right for you. 

Personal Coaching

I would love to be there for you one to one - via Zoom or you can come and meet me in my coaching-camper.

Onl​ine Course + Face to Face

Ich offer group courses and individual coaching sessions, live in Zoom calls.  This works perfectly and you don't even have to go anywhere.  You can be in your private space.

    Coming Soon:

I'll be in your region with my coaching camper!

Ready now: first coachings and small group courses are taking place in my coaching camper! I can seat 7 participants! I am looking forward to welcoming you there!

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